Burst the Bubble 2012_05_06 – Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton, Ross Higman

This week we ponder changes to ancient monuments, discover some problems with parakeets telling you their address, and discuss the adventures of Inspector Bear.

More details about the show mentioned at the end of the recording, “The Science of Fiction” at http://www.scienceoffiction.co.uk/

Burst the Bubble 2012_04_29 – Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton, Jed Rose

This week we worry about asteriod mining, consider animal crime rings, and propose a new insulting service, “Insultogram”

Edit: Turns out “Insultogram” already exists, but not in the form we proposed it. Hey ho.

Burst the Bubble 2012_04_22 – Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton, Jonathan Cairns

Chris returns to the UK and to his rightful place as co-host of the show!

This week we criticise the naming of a “sonic screwdriver”, pioneer a new delivery service and discuss unusual mayoral candidates

Burst the Bubble 2012_03_11 – Michael Conterio, Jon Nelson

This was the week where a penguin succeeded in an escape attempt while a human prisoner did not, press ups became the new punishment for a variety of misdemeanours and Chris Smowton ranted about athletes at US universities being asked to hand over their Facebook logins.