Burst the Bubble 2012_02_19 – Michael Conterio, Jon Nelson

This was the week where we celebrated survival against the odds, space was cleaned up,  and Chris Smowton informed us of the problems the police in Seattle have been facing, in his latest dispatch from across the pond.

Burst the Bubble 2012_02_12 – Michael Conterio, Jon Nelson

Burst the Bubble returns after a break while Cam FM moved studio!

This was the week of bees and police officers needing training, a Lego man boldly going where no Lego man has gone before, and Chris Smowton describing an enormous doodle in his first dispatch from America.

Burst the Bubble 2012_01_15 – Dan Addis, Michael Conterio, Chris Smowton

This was the week of the unexpected, with tunnels, a cheetah, and some guns found in unusual places, and no-one knowing where a space probe will land.

Apologies for the sound quality, this was an ad-hoc setup due to the lack of a Cam FM studio.