Sci Cam

Sci Cam 011 – 10th June 2014

In this episode Michael Conterio gave an explanation of how lasers work, while Sonja Dunbar asked how and why plants protect themselves from predators, focusing on a recently discovered plant that can mimic several others. Join us each month for our Broadcast Hangout on Google+ (  and on Facebook (

Sci Cam

Sci Cam 010 – 9th March 2014 – Live at the Cambridge Science Festival

A special edition of the online science magazine show broadcast in front of a live audience from the Cambridge Science Centre. Sonja Dunbar explains how plants, bacteria and fungi sometimes get along together. Robin Lamboll, one of the UK finalists of the +famelab Science Communication competition, explains part of the Read more…

Sci Cam

Sci Cam 004 – 27 February 2013

  This episode features Jon London showing us around a rocket powered car, and demonstrating a desktop rocket engine. Deborah Durbin also talks about meteors and asteroids. See more about the rocket car at and Jon’s scientific education business at Follow Deborah on Facebook at

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